Newsweek: The Bush administration has repeatedly fingered Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi—self-confessed beheader of U.S. hostage Nicholas Berg and other Western captives—as a critical link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. In the
vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney said that after U.S.
forces attacked Afghanistan seeking to roust Osama bin Laden, al-Zarqawi "migrated to Baghdad." But other U.S.
officials say the Jordanian terrorist's contacts in neighboring
Iran are probably more extensive than any dealings he had with Saddam.
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AFP: The United States on Monday warned Iran against providing any type of support to Al-Qaeda-linked foreign
militant Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi and his Tawhid wal Jihad (Unity and Holy War) group, saying such backing would be a "very, very serious matter." The State Department declined to comment on allegations of an Iran-Zarqawi link ...
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HEO: Shadow War, a just-released Regnery book by New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter, claims the mullahs in Iran are harboring Osama Bin Laden. The claim is based on the testimony of two Iranian intelligence officials who say they saw bin Laden alive
and well -- in Iran!
"According to these two sources, bin Laden no longer resembles the picture that the FBI has put on its wanted posters. He has trimmed
his beard to fit the more traditional look of a Shi’ite cleric and he seemed to have put on weight, according to intelligence officials….”
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Daily Telegraph: Iran has taken control of many Palestinian terrorist cells from Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, giving them funds and orders to attack Israeli targets, and even rewarding successful missions with "bonuses", according to a senior Israeli security source.
For many years, Iran has given money and ideological support to radical Palestinian groups, especially Hamas and ...
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AFP: Iran's influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Friday criticised the international condemnation of the deadly anti-Israeli bombings in Egypt that he said were acts of retaliation. "How come there is no noise about the shedding of Palestinian blood but a retaliatory act is expected to be condemned so much?" Rafsanjani asked during the weekly Muslim prayers in Tehran.
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#Iran - April 10 - Bojnurd, North Khorasan Province, Northeast

April 10 - Shadegan, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

#IranFloods- Kut Abdullah, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

Seems to be Lorestan Province, western #Iran Horrifying footage of a road literally collapsing

#IranFloods-April 4, Poledokhtar,Lorestan province W #Iran

Iran: Ahvaz Steel Workers on Strike for 5th Day

Iran Sugarcane Workers Protest Unpaid Wages on 10th Day of Strike

Iran. November, 2018. Eleventh Day of Truckers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran. July 24, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran. November, 2018. Protest Gathering of Ahvaz Alloyed Steel National Group Workers

Yasuj, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Torbat-E Jam, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Yazd, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran, Tehran – Anti-Regime Chants in Protest, June 25

Iran, Tehran – Major Protest With Chants of ‘We Will Fight, We Will Die, but We’ll Take Back Iran’