New York Sun: The new chairman of the Helsinki Commission says he plans to use the Cold War institution to highlight Iranian human rights issues with Europe.
The plan by Senator Brownback, a Republican from Kansas, is in keeping with the president's commitment to spread freedom throughout the world, a theme that is likely to be reiterated in his State of the Union speech tomorrow.
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Reporters Without Borders: Reporters Without Borders strongly condemned the hounding by the authorities of Taghi Rahmani, who since 1981 has spent a total of 5,000 days in prison, sentenced each time in connection with his journalistic work. Rahmani has been in jail this time for 19 months without charge and the worldwide press freedom organisation called on the Iranian authorities for his immediate and unconditional release.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 21 – The father of an Iranian political prisoner who has been held without charge in Tehran's notorious Evin prison said that his son was being kept in solitary confinement for the past three months despite government assurances that such practices were not being carried out. In an interview with the Prague-based Radio Farda the father of Saeid Massouri, a member of the main Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran, said yesterday that his son was transferred to a solitary cell in Evin prison just over three months ago, without any explanation as to why he was forced there.
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Reuters: A United Nations human rights body called on Iran on Friday to abolish the death penalty as well as amputation, flogging and stoning for people who committed crimes as minors. The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child "deplored" the fact that during its three-week session an Iranian was executed for a killing carried out when he was ...
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Amnesty International - URGENT ACTION: Ali, a 16-year-old student, may be at risk of imminent execution for the murder of another student in his high school, which took place between mid-January and mid-February 2003. Amnesty International has recently learned that Ali was sentenced to death in June 2004, and his sentence has already been confirmed by the Supreme Court.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 26 – A seventeen-year-old boy was sentenced to execution by a Tehran court. The boy, only identified by his first name Sattar, was accused of murder. Sattar allegedly stabbed to death a man by the name of Mahmoud a few months ago after a scuffle at a phone booth
in Islamshahr (southern Tehran).
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 22 – An Iranian medical student was sentenced to two years prison time and 74 lashes by Iran's Revolutionary Court on political charges, according to a state-run news agency. Reza Ashrafpour, a young man studying dentistry in Iran's University of Medical Sciences had been charged with "acting against national security", ...
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 20 - A young man who was accused of killing a member of Iran’s security forces when he was a minor was hanged in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran.
Iman Farrokhi who was 17 at the time of the offence was on death row in the Tehran Centre for Reform and Education (Juvenile Prison).
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#Iran - April 10 - Bojnurd, North Khorasan Province, Northeast

April 10 - Shadegan, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

#IranFloods- Kut Abdullah, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

Seems to be Lorestan Province, western #Iran Horrifying footage of a road literally collapsing

#IranFloods-April 4, Poledokhtar,Lorestan province W #Iran

Iran: Ahvaz Steel Workers on Strike for 5th Day

Iran Sugarcane Workers Protest Unpaid Wages on 10th Day of Strike

Iran. November, 2018. Eleventh Day of Truckers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran. July 24, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran. November, 2018. Protest Gathering of Ahvaz Alloyed Steel National Group Workers

Yasuj, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Torbat-E Jam, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Yazd, Iran. July 23, 2018. New Round of Truck Drivers’ Nationwide Strike

Iran, Tehran – Anti-Regime Chants in Protest, June 25

Iran, Tehran – Major Protest With Chants of ‘We Will Fight, We Will Die, but We’ll Take Back Iran’